4 Rules When Renting Self Storage Units

For the betterment of your move or to clear up some space in your home, renting a self storage facility makes sense. However, if you are going to rent out a self storage unit, you will need to learn some crucial rules for making the most of it.

Acquire Some Pallets

Getting your hands on a quality set of pallets will help you out exponentially with your self storage needs. The reason for this is that arranging a pallet floor on top of the existing self storage floor will prevent water damage from getting to your items. As seasons change and water melts, it is common for water to seep into your self storage unit. By having all of your items arranged atop a pallet floor, you avoid this damage altogether.

Background Check the Self Storage Facility

You need to look further than price when choosing a self storage facility to house your items. Reputation is crucial, so be sure that you are getting help and service from a self storage facility that is in compliance with Better Business Bureau and Self Storage Association criteria. Check to make sure they have no pending lawsuits, complaints or violations open, so that you have peace of mind when signing a rental agreement.

Visit the Facility to Measure Space and Plan Logistics 

If you're going to rent a moving truck to load your self storage facility, be sure that you visit the facility ahead of time. Plenty of people make the mistake of signing an agreement, only to realize that their moving truck won't fit inside of the facility. By getting a lay of the land ahead of time, you can plan the logistics of your move regardless of truck size. This will save you some strain and heartache when it is time to load or unload your items.

Bring Your Own Lock

The best thing you can do from a security point of view is to bring your own industrial-strength padlock. Even security systems, coded entry and on-site security services are not infallible. You need to double down on any security efforts that your self storage facility uses by providing a lock of your own, to which only you have the key or combination.

Following these four steps will streamline the process of self storage at facilities such as Statewide Self Storage and protect your items throughout the course of the rental.