3 Smart Strategies For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

Storage units are uniquely attractive to pests like cockroaches and rodents. The units are dark, they offer plenty of hiding places, and they're rarely disturbed. That means that once pests get in, they have the full run of the place. Once your storage unit is infested, you can be certain that you'll be bringing the pests with you whenever you decide to take your things out of storage. Take a look at some smart strategies for preventing the pests from settling into your unit in the first place.

Inspect Before You Move In

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is inspect the storage unit before you move your things inside. Look for holes, cracks, and space between the door of the unit and the door frame. Bring a flashlight so that you can get a good look.

Remember, it doesn't take much to allow access to bugs and rodents. A mouse can squeeze through a tiny hole the size of a small coin, and any crack is small enough for roaches to squeeze through. Ask the manager of the self storage company to seal up any cracks or holes that you find before you move anything in.

Pack Carefully

No matter how secure the unit seems to be, you should still pack as if you expect a pest or two to enter the unit. Avoid cardboard boxes if at all possible – roaches love cardboard; it's a food source for them in addition to being a good hiding place.

Storage bins made of heavy plastic are a better choice – rodents won't be able to chew through them and roaches won't be attracted to them. Make sure that the bins have secure lids and don't overfill the boxes – if the bins are left open or not closed properly, you're only providing a dark, quiet hiding place.

For large items that can't be boxed up, like furniture, your best bet is to cover them in several layers of plastic wrap. Give chairs, sofas, and mattresses a thorough vacuuming before wrapping and packing them. If you leave any crumbs in the furniture, pests will smell the food and be more motivated to try to get through the layers of plastic.

Visit Often

You don't have to drop by every day, but it's not a bad idea to stop by your storage unit once every few weeks and look around to see you notice any signs of a budding pest problem. If bugs do get in, the sooner that you notice the problem the easier a time you'll have getting them out. Look for dead bugs, insect or rodent tracks, holes chewed in plastic, strange smells, and insect or animal droppings.

Also, you should always check out your storage unit after a heavy storm, especially if there is any chance that your storage facility may have flooded. In addition to the chance of damage to your things, stagnant water will attract bugs.

With a little advance planning and diligence, you can ensure that your storage unit stays free of bugs and rodents. That way, you won't have to worry about bringing any pests home with you when you're ready to move out.