Options For Maximizing Warehouse Storage Space

Warehouse storage is a great option for keeping your extra inventory safe in a climate-controlled environment. However, there are many things that you can do to make your storage space more efficient. Here are some configuration options to consider when setting up your warehouse storage space. 

Very Narrow Aisles

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racks are a great option for increasing your rack space; they remove the large paths between aisles and help you pack your inventory in tighter. Note that you will need to use a specialized forklift to load VNA racks, so you should consider how often you'll need to access your materials. VNA racks are best used for inventory that has a long turnover time rather than materials that will be stored for a short amount of time. 

Changing Rack Elevations

Another thing to consider upfront is the rack elevations of your storage space. Each forklift has its own requirements for the clearance it needs to load your racks. Before you rent a storage space, check to see if the rack elevations match the clearance that your machine needs. If not, check with the storage facility to see about adjusting the rack elevations. 

Single vs Double Deep Racking Options

Double deep racking is another solution for maximizing your storage space, but it's not the best idea for every operation. Double deep racks can be stacked back to back so that you have a single aisle between the sets of racks. You will need to use a specialized lift to access any materials stored in the back rack. Single deep racks provide the most flexibility and ease of access, while stacking your racks two deep can help you get the best bang for your storage space buck. 

Push Back Racking

Push back racks have a similar configuration to double racks, except that they allow one rack to be moved forward in order to access the back rack. Using this type of rack can present some risk to the novice, since there's a chance that your rack will tip during the move and destroy some inventory. However, these racks can be a good option that mimics the affordability of double stacking without requiring a special machine for retrieving your inventory. 

There are many warehouse storage options that can help you to maximize your warehouse efficiency. The best warehouse storage facilities will work with you to determine which space-saving measures to put in place for your storage space. 

For more information, contact a storage facility like Liberty Self Storage in your area.