How To Get The Most Space Out Of Your Storage Unit

If you're in need of a storage unit, you're already aware that you need more room to keep your valuables, furniture, and other household items safely stored. Many people make the mistake of renting a unit that ends up being too small for their needs. As you begin to use your storage unit, you might discover that you're returning frequently to add more items. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ensure that you're able to store as much as possible without having to pay for a larger unit or move everything to a new one.

Storing Smaller Items

Small items can still take up a lot of space if they are not stored properly. Utilize the dresser drawers that you have, placing items like collectibles and decorative items inside. This can definitely help to maximize your space and it provides a good protective "container" for these items. Purchase some large plastic resealable totes or tubs to put small objects inside, and then stack them up vertically. Label the tubs clearly so you can quickly find what you need later, and be sure to buy clear totes so you can easily see what is inside. 

Furniture Organization

How you place your larger furniture items inside your storage unit can make a big difference in terms of overall available space. Try to place larger items against the wall, leaving an easy path down the middle of your unit. This will make maneuvering inside much easier whenever you need to come back and get something. Place mattresses flat against the wall and then put other bulkier furniture pieces in front of it. You can also stack things like smaller tables and other items on top of each other to give you more floor room. 

Create More Space

You don't have to simply use the square, empty space provided in your storage unit to keep things organized. Peg board that can be found almost any hardware store makes a great option for adding additional storage. Add some hooks to the peg board and hang things up like tools, small appliances, and other items. This will give you more floor space and you can spot what you need quickly by just grabbing it and going. Bring a bookshelf to your storage unit, and make that a storage shelf. You can also purchase some inexpensive free standing shelves to use as a place to stack and store all of your boxes, With some ingenuity, you can get much more out of your storage space and be able to get what you need in a pinch.

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