4 Important Things To Consider Before Renting A Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is one of the easiest ways to solve storage problems, whether you have inherited belongings, are downsizing to a smaller home, or simply just have more stuff than you can keep organized in your home. But successfully renting a unit at a storage facility involves more than just heading to the nearest one and signing a contract. In order for your storage experience to be successful, you have to take several things into mind, such as:

The Storage Needs of Your Belongings

While many storage units are outside and not climate controlled, some storage facilities do offer indoor units that are controlled for temperature and humidity. In many cases, a climate controlled storage units may cost more, but it can be worth the money if you're storing valuables or sentimental items that can't be replaced. If you live in a very hot or very cold climate you may want to consider a storage facility with climate controlled units if you are storing photographs, electronics, important documents, antiques, or real wood furniture, as these items can be damaged in extreme temperatures.


Before choosing a storage facility, think about what type of access you want it to have. Some storage facilities will allow anyone to drive onto the property, while others have an automatic gate that requires a person to have a unique code in order to get through. If you're storing valuables, you may want to choose a storage facility with gated access and higher levels of security to help better protect your belongings. 

What Size Unit is Really Needed

Most storage facilities list the size of their units on their websites, or can provide the information over the phone, but it can be hard to understand the actual size of a unit without  seeing it for yourself. It is worth your time to tour the facility and see the different size units available and how they compare to each other. While you most likely don't want to pay for a unit that is larger than you need, you certainly don't want to sign a rental agreement for a storage unit that does not have enough room for all of your belongings.


When storing belongings in a storage unit, it is important to make sure that they are covered by insurance in the event that they are damaged or stolen. Contact your homeowners or renters insurance company to see if your current policy covers items being stored in a secured unit. If it does not, make sure to arrange for insurance through the storage facility or a private company that provides these types of policies.

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