Getting Your Boat Ready For Spring

The winter weather is over, and it's finally time to take your boat out of indoor boat storage and get it ready for the spring and summer boating season. Although a lot of maintenance tasks may seem boring, getting your boat ready is not one of them. This type of work leads to a load of fun and helps you have a trouble-free boating season. Make sure to check off the following tasks. 

Engine Work

You can help ensure a fulfilling boating season by taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you bring your boat out of storage. You should connect your fuel lines, check the oil and other fluid levels, and put in new spark plugs. Go ahead and check your hoses for leaks and make sure all belts and cables are in good shape. Do test your engine, but take your boat outside the storage area to avoid dangerous fumes accumulating. 

Safety Equipment

You need to carefully inspect and replace any faulty safety equipment if you did not do so at the end of last season. Every year, you need to reevaluate the condition of your life vests. Make certain you have the right size for all of your regular passengers and have a few of varying sizes ready for guests. Throw out any that are worn or have loose or missing fittings. Check your fire extinguishers, as well. If they've been on your boat for years, they may not be fully charged. 

Boat Trailer

You should also give enough attention to your boat trailer before the season begins. Be certain to test the trailer lights before you take the boat out for its first spring journey. Also, you should make sure to grease the fitting on your hubs if necessary and see that the padding on the trailer bunks does not need to be replaced. Your boat can be in perfect shape, but you won't be going anywhere if the trailer isn't ready to go.

The next best thing to getting your boat out on the water is preparing it for the season. Take the time to thoroughly clean and shine your boat in addition to taking care of all the maintenance tasks. Experts also recommend that you investigate your insurance coverage to make sure it is adequate for your needs. Once everything is "ship shape," you only need to wait until the weather conditions are right to launch into a wonderful boating season.