Minimizing The Risk Of Moisture Damage To Items In Your Storage Unit

If you are planning on renting a storage unit in the near future, you will want to take the necessary steps in safeguarding your belongings while they are inside. Moisture can become a problem to all sorts of items causing destruction like rotted wood or rusted metal. To avoid damage to your belongings, use the following tips to protect them from high humidity levels when they are inside a storage unit without climate control settings.

Check Over The Unit Before Renting

Most storage unit rentals will be secure from moisture, however, it is best to check beforehand to make sure there are no unnoticed troubles that may cause difficulty later on. Make sure the door secures the unit with an appropriate seal when it is in the closed position. If you can see sunlight peeking underneath the door, moisture will make its way inside. Check over the interior for any apparent cracks or crevices and ask the storage unit manager to seal them if necessary.

Use Moisture Grabbing Items To Help

Place a few containers in your unit which you can fill with a natural moisture elimination agent. Cat litter, cedar blocks, and charcoal pieces all work well at eliminating moisture in humid conditions. Make sure to change the item out periodically so they can continue doing their job effectively.

Lift Important Items Off The Ground

If you have items that would sustain damage from moisture, placing them a bit above the floor would help keep them dry. Many storage units have cement slab flooring, which is prone to a moisture buildup if humidity is present inside the area. Placing items on pallets, shelving units, or cement blocks will help keep them from becoming a victim of a puddle. Smaller items can be placed in drawers. Fragile items will fare better in plastic bins over cardboard boxes.

Place Items Inside In A Dry Condition

If you place wet items in your storage unit, the humidity level inside will rise. The moisture in the item will evaporate into the air, but will put other items at risk for damage as a result. To alleviate this, make sure each item you place inside is completely dry beforehand. Place all clothing and other material items in a dryer for ten minutes before packing inside bins and boxes. Keep water activity items in the sun for a few hours to help dry up any moisture embedded in cracks or material. Read more about storage units by checking out this blog.