Use The Right Packing And Moving Supplies

Using the right packing supplies can make all the difference to how easy your move goes. Take the time to gather the right supplies for the job, so you can avoid dealing with problems along the way and even breaking some of your items. The information here will teach you about some of the important packing supplies you should be using.

Get boxes of the same size and shape

You can go with a few different sizes of boxes, but you should be sure that all the boxes you use to pack your items into are the same size and shape of the others. If you go with two different sizes, all of them should match with those two sizes and shapes. If you go with four, then all should match those four. This is going to allow you to pack the storage unit in a uniform fashion that doesn't waste space and without an increased risk of a collapse.

Use plastic bins with lids

If you have any items to pack that contain sharp pieces, are fragile, or shouldn't be kept for a long period of time in cardboard for any other reason, then plastic bins with lids should be used instead. The bins will be more durable, and they seal tightly, which can help to protect certain items. They can also be stacked on top of one another and can be purchased in different sizes so you can choose the sizes that meet your needs.

Get plenty of furniture pads

You should cover your appliances and furniture that you want to protect with furniture pads when you put them into the storage unit. This way, you know those items won't get scratched or broken when you move other items on them or next to them.

Stock up on enough tape

Not only are you going to want to reinforce your boxes by taping all of them, but you also want to tape all the electrical cords to the sides of the appliances so they don't get tugged on, which can cause them to become broken.

Invest in a good furniture dolly

By using a quality furniture dolly, you will have a much easier time moving your large furniture and appliances. This way, you know the dolly is going to easily support the weight of the items you are moving and handle other stresses you put it under, such as going up or down stairs and over bumps.

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