Tips For When You Are Moving Your Stuff Into A Self Storage Unit

When you have a change of circumstances that makes it necessary for you to move your possessions into storage, you may find yourself wondering how you should go about the process. Once you have selected the right self storage facility for your needs, the only things left to do are to get your stuff packed up and move it into your self storage unit. Get to know some of the ways to make your self storage experience easier so that you can get started as soon as possible.

Wrap All Of Your Fabric Furniture In Protective Coverings

First and foremost, no matter how nice your self storage unit and facility, it is up to you to ensure that your possessions are protected. Your furniture is likely one of your most expensive possessions and should not go into the storage unit unprotected.

If it is not covered, you run the risk of water damage from storms or possible flooding, damage from the moving process or the way in which it is stored, or even pest damage or infestations. So be sure that you get plastic or vinyl covers to protect your fabric furniture. This includes chairs, your couches and love seats, and of course your mattresses and box springs. 

Try To Move Your Larger Items In First

If at all possible, try to move your furniture and other large items into your self storage unit first. This will help you avoid having to rearrange to fit large cumbersome pieces later.

When your possessions are in storage, you may find yourself wanting or needing an item that is packed away. However, if your furniture pieces were the last items moved into the storage unit, then you may find that you cannot get to what you need without a huge struggle.

Moving your furniture in first will allow you to put smaller items like kitchenware, office supplies, books, or clothes up front where you can get to them. If it is impossible to move furniture in first, then try to keep an entire side of your storage unit free for furniture so that you can still try to maneuver through it to get to your possessions if you need to. You may still have some trouble because of the furniture being in an awkward position, but at least it will be doable.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can improve your experience when you move your possessions into storage, you can be sure that you take the necessary steps to keep your possessions safe and accessible in storage. Click for more info about storage units.