Buying A Big Roll Of Bubble Wrap For Storage? 2 Ways To Get Great Use Out Of The Whole Roll

If you are happy with the things that you own and you do not want to move out of your home, you may have to find a reliable method for storing the items that are taking up too much room. A storage unit is an excellent solution because it does not require you to make substantial changes or additions to your home. You can put your belongings into a unit and have the freedom to take them out at any time. It is also possible to upgrade and downsize based on your needs, which provides a lot of flexibility. If you are stocking up on supplies for storage purposes, you should know how to maximize bubble wrap usage.

Frames and Mirrors

Any frames from the walls or mirrors anywhere inside your home may be going into storage. But, these items are delicate, so you cannot expect to throw them into a storage unit and know they are safe. Bubble wrap gives you substantial protection for these items by giving each piece more cushioning. If you end up with thin bubble wrap, you should consider making a double layer to minimize the risk of damage. The spacing caused by the bubble wrap will also allow you to store frames or mirrors on top of one another.

It is good to either dedicate an entire area or shelving unit for frames and mirrors due to their delicate nature. If you do not have a separate space for them, you should wait until your last trip to bring them. Despite protection from bubble wrap, they are still breakable from falling down or excessive force.


If you have some old speakers that you want to put away, it is best to at least surround the area where the cones are with a layer of bubble wrap. This will add a single layer of protection against puncturing, which is one of the fastest way that a high-quality pair of speakers can turn into recycling material.

Televisions are another thing that you should cover in bubble wrap. For the most part, you should feel inclined to wrap the entire TV, but the most important part is the screen itself. Another thing that you must protect is computer components such as graphics cards or CPU heat sinks. Bubble wrap is also useful for wrapping the case and monitor if you have some wrap left over and want to increase item protection.

A large roll of bubble wrap can be quite useful for storing items when used properly.