Prepare Your Storage Unit Before Bringing In Goods

Storage units are a great way to put your belongings away while on long travels or if you're downsizing to a home with less space. Whether you're a pack rat who simply can't part with precious belongings or an average resident who could use a little extra space, there are ways to organize your least-used, but still important, belongings without throwing them away. Before you fill up the car or truck with your belongings, make sure to take a few precautions to make sure that your property is well-maintained while you're away.

4 Rules When Renting Self Storage Units

For the betterment of your move or to clear up some space in your home, renting a self storage facility makes sense. However, if you are going to rent out a self storage unit, you will need to learn some crucial rules for making the most of it. Acquire Some Pallets Getting your hands on a quality set of pallets will help you out exponentially with your self storage needs. The reason for this is that arranging a pallet floor on top of the existing self storage floor will prevent water damage from getting to your items.