How Can You Legally And Securely Store Business Records?

If your business creates and maintains voluminous records that must be maintained for a specific length of time, you may find yourself quickly running out of storage space as your customer, client, or patient base expands. While renting a storage unit to house these documents until they can be destroyed could seem like the simplest option, you could be reluctant to begin off-site storage of potentially confidential documents for fear of professional or personal liability.

Avoid The Following When Storing Heirloom Furniture

Heirloom furniture is not just something that is potentially worth a lot of money. It's also something that holds emotional value in many families. If you're responsible for storing some old furniture pieces that have been passed down through generations in your family, you may be concerned that conditions in a typical storage unit might cause damage to your fragile items. However, your heirloom furniture pieces should be fine if you avoid these four storage hazards:

3 Smart Strategies For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

Storage units are uniquely attractive to pests like cockroaches and rodents. The units are dark, they offer plenty of hiding places, and they're rarely disturbed. That means that once pests get in, they have the full run of the place. Once your storage unit is infested, you can be certain that you'll be bringing the pests with you whenever you decide to take your things out of storage. Take a look at some smart strategies for preventing the pests from settling into your unit in the first place.

Prepare Your Storage Unit Before Bringing In Goods

Storage units are a great way to put your belongings away while on long travels or if you're downsizing to a home with less space. Whether you're a pack rat who simply can't part with precious belongings or an average resident who could use a little extra space, there are ways to organize your least-used, but still important, belongings without throwing them away. Before you fill up the car or truck with your belongings, make sure to take a few precautions to make sure that your property is well-maintained while you're away.

4 Rules When Renting Self Storage Units

For the betterment of your move or to clear up some space in your home, renting a self storage facility makes sense. However, if you are going to rent out a self storage unit, you will need to learn some crucial rules for making the most of it. Acquire Some Pallets Getting your hands on a quality set of pallets will help you out exponentially with your self storage needs. The reason for this is that arranging a pallet floor on top of the existing self storage floor will prevent water damage from getting to your items.